Three Dudes


Three Dudes Business Meeting
“It takes a lot of beer to make good wine”

The Three Dudes Winery was officially founded in 2005, but the three dudes have been making and drinking wine together for many years prior to that. The three long time friends and wine lovers have backgrounds and stories as diverse and interesting as the outstanding wines they produce. So, come meet the dudes, sample our wines, and check out the river.

Terry Alford

Terry is a true son of the South. His dad hailed from South Georgia, and his mom from Louisiana. His great grandfather rode (in this case walked) with Robert E. Lee’s Army of Virginia throughout the War Between the States, and lived to tell the tale. Terry was born in Southern Arkansas but the family returned to his mother’s ancestral home in southwest Louisiana about six weeks after his birth. Like Ron, he was exposed early on to the mesmerizing aromas of fried chicken, steaming gumbos and boiling pots of seafood common to that area of Louisiana; and as an added bonus, his dad introduced him to Georgia style delicacies such as boiled peanuts, smoked mullet, and the “sweet” barbeque style common to the South. Terry moved to Texas during the oil boom in the early seventies and never left, but the Southern influence remained, and can best be experienced in the Chenin Blanc he helped to create; the perfect compliment to seafood, fish, and chicken dishes.

Jeff Felderhoff

Born number eight in a litter of nine kids, and raised in a small German Catholic farming community in North Texas, you can understand why food has always been a priority in Jeff’s life. Jeff is a full-blooded, Texas born, Texas bred, steak eating,” square headed” German Texan; and to top that off he is a graduate of Texas A&M University. Now you just can’t get any more Texan than that. The influence of that rich German Texas heritage can be seen and tasted in the wines that Jeff helps to create; especially the austere cab’s, and the soft, dry merlot’s that are blended to compliment those sizzling hot steaks fresh off the grill, or that spicy rack of beef ribs straight from the smoke.

Ron Pontiff

Ron was born on the bayous of the Texas Gulf Coast region near Houston, Texas. After his dad’s retirement from the US Air Force the family returned to their ancestral homeland among the sugar cane plantations of South Louisiana. Ron earned an engineering degree from LSU, but like many Cajun men his passion was in the creation of succulent, one of a kind, Cajun dishes. Ron followed his dream and went on to graduate from the New Orleans School of Cooking where he refined his expertise in matching the perfect wine with the perfect food; and there is no better example of his success than the Texas White he helps to produce here at Three Dudes Winery. It accentuates the flavors of Cajun cooking like no other wine, and is equally at home with spicy Texas barbeque.

Behind every good wine maker there is a good dog, and although each of the Three Dudes has his own family pet at home, this is the one that you will likely see around the winery.

His is a Brittany Spaniel named Fideuax (pronounced Fido) in homage to his French ancestry and the Dudes’ Louisiana connection, but like our wine, he is Texas born and Texas bred, and is the inspiration for our merlot; ” a wine with a mysterious bite”.

So come on by, kick back on one of our outdoor porch swings with old Fideaux at your feet, and enjoy the great taste of our cool Texas wines and warm Texas hospitality.