Nice, soft, dry red wine.  This wine offers cherry and plum aromas. It is smooth and dry in the finish, but will go very well with any meat dishes from spaghetti to barbeque. Purchase online here.

Texas Red

Nice red wine with a nose of peppers and chocolate aromas. This wine is well balanced with a nice sweet/tart finish. Enjoy with spicy hot food or chilled with a barbecue in the summer. Purchase online here.

Texas White

This wine offers some nice aromas of citrus and grapefruit.  The sweetness in the finish balances well with the tartness and makes it a perfect accompaniment to spicy food, such as cajun and barbeque. Purchase online here.

Chenin Blanc

Nice, clean and crisp wine that offers tart apple and mineral flavors.  Enjoyed with seafood, fish, and chicken dishes. Purchase online here.

White Zinfandel

Beautiful peach color.  Nice aromas of strawberries and honey.  The sweetness and tartness goes well with spicy food, cheese, and bread appetizers. Purchase online here.

Texas Black Gold

A Port-style, after dinner wine. Our Texas Black Gold presents a rich bouquet with notes of dried figs and Creme Brule. On the palate, it displays flavors of dark chocolate and liquorice with a lingering finish.  Purchase online here.

Cabernet Sauvignon

With aromas of mulberry and cedar, and flavors of ripe plum on the finish, this medium-bodied Cab is the ideal wine to pair with smoked brisket or baby back ribs.Purchase online here.

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